V0.6.3 is here, and the mystic asteroid is blazing in with a new design!


New secret achievement

Renamed 'Boost' to 'Ion Thrusters'

Power Ups:
Shield contact effects

Spawn rates completely redone; now finally framerate independant
New distortion effects added to the mystic asteroids' detonation
New aura effect for mystic asteroids
New spark and detonation effects for mystic asteroids

Bug Fixes:
Asteroid spawn rate is now framerate independant
Fixed a bug introduced in V0.6.2 that caused fire asteroids to only spawn at 10,000,000,000+ score; sorry!
Various optimisations
Engine upgrade

Important Notices:
Saving has been completely overhauled. This means its much faster and smaller, but it also means you will lose your saves. Sorry!

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