V0.6.2 is here, and the lighting and audio have completely stepped up their game!


New dynamic lighting engine
Improved paralysis effects on Oculus Impetus
Improved paralysis effects
Various glow effects improved
Mystic asteroid continues to cause explosions even if no asteroids remain
Firefly effects added to shield

New Void's Gaze orchestration, intro and seamless looping

Improved spawn animation

Power Ups:
New Triple Shot icon

New implosion mechanic added to the detonate
Detonate against OI has been buffed

New paralysis sound
New Mystic asteroid flash sound
New Mystic asteroid explosion sound
Thrust Sound added
Player explosion sound is now quieter
Improved explosion sound during mystic explosion
Volume and pitch randomisations added

Dispersed I II III and X

Critical life status added to HUD
Pause button has been removed
Options gear has been made monochrome for improved coherency
HP display for bosses has been improved

Bug Fixes:
Fixed electric asteroids EMP attack
Performance improvements
Shield death sound no longer occurs when returning to the home screen whilst using a shield
Boss HUD no longer appears on game over screen in rare circumstances
Optimised detonate, shield burst and mystic asteroid explosion
Fixed rare bug where asteroid particle trails disappeared early
Fixed bug where mystic asteroids animation would not work
Asteroids are no longer invincible during boss spawn
Boss HUD no longer incorrectly displays 1 HP

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